Friday, November 1, 2013

I can't believe it!

I am so so excited!  A few months ago the lovely team of the blog The Doll Wardrobe hosted a fashion design contest.  Today they announced the winners and I won the novice category! I still can't believe it.

Here is a link to their blog:
and a link to the contest page:

And Congratulations to the Pro category winner from Alisha's Creations 

 Thanks, The Doll Wardrobe! The contest was a lot of fun.


  1. Congratulations!! I won the novice category last year, it was so fun. :D Your outfits are beautifully created! What doll are you planning on getting?

    1. Hey! Congratulations! I looked up the entries and winners from the previous contest and your outfits look awesome. I really like them.

      As for which doll I want, I am torn between Rebecca and MAG# 56 (short curly blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles) but I might wait a bit to see more pictures of the next GOTY, Isabelle, before making a final decision.

      What did you choose after winning? =]

    2. Ooh, I like all three of those dolls! Rebecca and #56 are next on my wishlist. :D Isabelle is definitely very cute, I'm impressed with her little oxford flats and the purple ombre extensions. I got #55 (wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, freckles). She's definitely a beautiful doll! (:

    3. I was not expecting the ombre look but it sounds like a trendy idea. Plus, I think her eye color might be a new one *fingers dressed*. Although I must say I am a tad disappointed that did not choose a less used face mold such as Marie Grace's. I think it would have been interesting.

      Also, #55 is a beauty.

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say congratulations on winning in the novice category! I love your outfits! The embroidery you did on the Chobits dress is gorgeous and your version of a Wonderland outfit is very creative. Love all the small details!

    Also, thank you for congratulating me in your post! I still can't believe that I won either. The doll I decided on was Rebecca. I was debating between her, Caroline, and Ivy (I wanted a historical doll). I can't wait to see who you pick!

    Congrats again!
    ~Alisha L. :)

    1. Hi Alisha!

      Thank you very much! I had a lot of fun working on my entries.

      Your outfits are so well done and the work you did on "Posh Marie Grace", in particular, floored me. The fit and style of that dress is spot on.

      Rebecca is a nice choice! I'm thinking about getting her as well but am still undecided currently.