Thursday, May 15, 2014

Introducing Fable

Here she is! My first custom AG doll, Fable. 

Before starting this project I made a promise to myself.  I would not alter or post pictures of my new doll until I had successfully launched my Etsy store, Pip & Twitch. As of May 9th, my store has been open!  I sell prints of my original paintings and paper cut art. Check it out  =]

My original intention was to put Ruthie's wig onto Marie Grace but in the end the combo did not seem just right to me. BUT…. I fell in LOVE with Marie Grace's wig on Ruthie.

I had the idea months ago but was too nervous to take the plunge, make the purchase, and then to actually modify a doll. However once I heard about the potential, impending retirement of these two I decided to get on it.


Fable has the classic face mold with light lip coloring and grey eyes. Her hair is a light reddish brown color with blonde highlights only in the top layer of her wig. It reaches down to her hips in soft waves. I also gave her custom, hand-painted freckles which I think suit her beautifully. 

Plus I am AMAZED as to how well MG's hair color matches Ruthie's eyebrows considering how dark Ruthie's hair is in comparison.


  1. She's so pretty! You did a great job, Rebecca. I'm getting an AG doll soon, and am looking at doing a custom for my next doll after her, but not sure yet.

  2. Thank you, Jessica! Customs are a lot of fun to make since they give you the exact combination you want.
    Which doll are thinking you will get?

  3. Wow, Fable is Gorgeous!! She actually looks exactly like me, too! Haha

  4. Wow, she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love her, and I would have never suspected that she was a cross between MG and Ruthie- she doesn't look like it! She is such a unique doll, and I'm sure you'll have such fun doing things with her!
    P.S. Yes, I am a new reader here. ;)

  5. Ruthie is adorable either way-classic or customized!

  6. She is beautiful. Please let me know if you would ever consider making another one for sale. How did you make the freckles?

  7. She is so beautiful! I love the last picture, BRAVO! I was wondering if I could use that picture for my YouTube profile picture. Is that ok with you? Thanks!