Thursday, October 10, 2013

GOTY 2013: Saige's Sparkle Dress (mini review)

Today's post is about Girl of the Year 2013 Saige's Sparkle Dress.  It was one I couldn't decided if it belonged in my collection. Generally I go after outfit with multiple pieces like Saige's Sweater Outfit when I make purchases.  What really sold me on this was the necklace and gold boots.

Well the outfit arrived and wow was I surprised how much I loved it!  

I LOVE love love these boots.

AG also decided to add a layer with some tulle under the main dress and it was a very good choice.  the under layer helps give the overall look of the dress a better fullness and helps it hold its intended shape.

  • The fabric is a very rich hot pink with deeper pink ribbons criss-crossing over the waist and around to the back closure and shiny gold dots spread across the front that look like iron-on appliqués.  The main color of the dress reminds me of AG's main color they use on packaging and such. 

  • The boots are nice, shiny gold color that matches the dots with mini heels and velcro closures in the back. They feel well made and sturdy. Also, they have Saige's signature flower design embossed/ tooled/ engraved into the outer facing sides of the boots.

  • The necklace is very cute.  I'm surprised AG made the necklace silver vs gold since the rest of the outfit has gold accents but I don't care. I think it looks good together, is a nice simple design featuring an oval with Saige's signature flower design engraved on it.

I am also please by the fact this dress was designed with an asymmetrical top. AG has released so many with the same looking neckline. Its like they are re-using similar patterns every year but with varying fabrics. Take the 2010 Petal Pink Outfit orlast year's GOTY Mckenna's Fancy Dress for examples.

I can't say that the neckline and overall design of Saige's Sparkle dress is 100% original from AG but its a nice variation they tend to use now and then. I guess it fits in with the phrase "if its not broken, don't fix it".

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