Friday, October 18, 2013

Latest Doll Addition!

I am very excited to say that I received my Cecile doll from American Girl/ the Jill's Deal and Steals offer. Despite the fact she arrived with a  crooked wig, I will be keeping her as-is. I think it suits her.

The past few days I have been tossing around potential names I'd like to use for her.  Petra is the current front runner (I've been on an Ender's Game kick).


  1. Yes, name her Petra!!! So happy to have found another Ender's Game fan. (:

    1. YAY! Another Ender's Game fan. Are you a fan of the books, movie, or both?

    2. Books, for sure. I still haven't seen the movie... >_< it looks pretty good, but nothing will be able to live up to OSC's work! He's by far my favorite author. I'm excited to see how the movie compares to the book, though; Asa Butterfield said that they did a pretty good job concerning accuracy to the book. I really want them to make an Ender's Shadow movie; I liked that book even more than EG. I think Aramis Knight was a really good choice for Bean....

    3. Generally the book is always better lol. I saw the movie recently and it was decent but not as epic seeming as the book.

      I won't say a lot of detail but I thought they did do a decent job staying close and true to the book. However, there were details, although minor seeming, bothered me when changed. It altered the characters, audience perception, and character experiences too much for me.

      Aaaaand Bean is an awesome character! I was satisfied with their choice with Aramis Knight; although, while reading the book I always thought of Bean as being smaller, and younger than what was portrayed. I guess I will have to read the book and watch the movie again sometime to pick up on more details and then keep moving on through the series. Speaker for the Dead is next on my list.